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Beginners course – Introduction to engraving – 2023
        Hello and thank you for your interest in E3 Engraving’s Heavy Metal Engraving course located on the southwest side of Las Vegas, Nevada. We are the only Accredited Heavy Metal Engraving School in the nation and also Registered with the city of Las Vegas as a legitimate Educational Institute. . The two-day Beginners scheduled class times are posted/located in our Shop. Various dates are available and open communication is encouraged. 

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower lives through art, while supporting every student’s journey to success.  

        The class is an introductory 2-day session where you will learn the basic essentials of engraving from beginning to end.  It is an informative, fun, and enlightening class. The class is limited to 3-4 students max, while booking more students can bring in more money, it takes away from the personal attention required to give each student their deserved attention. E3’s promise is you will leave the class motivated to start your “own” path towards your “own” business in the engraving world. A large part of the class is discussing the various opportunities, actually the vast amount of opportunities, related to metal engraving. There is a demand and we are here to help you through the journey. This is an “introductory class” but we offer our mentorship and help forever for free. You will learn directly from Scott who is the owner and founder of E3, He teaches the class, and also answers all questions prior and post the class session. The class will start with an introductory of the various tools and fundamentals related to Engraving. We will study different cutting techniques, various cutting edges, and other engraving applications such as plastic and glass. Class will also instruct graver sharpening techniques, and most importantly “secrets” unique to E3 Engraving. Students do not need to know how to draw to sign up or start engraving. We will take you from step one to the finish line. One of the main questions is, “what if I don’t know how to draw scrolls?”.. Well, we are happy to say In class you will learn special helpful tips for beginners, designed by E3, how to start drawing scrolls and enhance that artistic skill. You will be surprised with what you can pick up in two-days. Invest in yourself and sign up today! Don’t let your artistic skill go to waste. 

     Stay Blessed and Have a good day or night. 

For Additional Information WATCH THIS PODCAST featuring Owner of E3 Engraving, Scott Morisato, speaking about the class. 


Proud to be the first BBB Accredited Engraving School in the nation.

Located in Las Vegas, NV

Custom Hand Engraving

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E3 Heavy Metal Engraving School enrollment information

Beginners 101 Engraving course

$499: Two-day class (Various posted dates)

$750: Private Two day class- Dates may be chosen by student

$299: Introductory class – ONE DAY – please contact for information and to set a date

$4500: 3-day class – E3 Engraving machine, 3 pre-sharpened gravers, 5-inch Ball vice, and 2-gallon air compressor included.


E3 Heavy Metal Beginners Engraving course

Invest in your future

Engraving for Beginners – Two day (Most Recommended)- $499
Heavy metal engraving 101

Classroom instruction (4 students max, with exceptions). Click here for Sign up information!


PRIVATE TWO DAY – $750: One-on-One, personal Heavy metal engraving 101 course. Student may pick any date, also blacking out a date is an option. If picking a private lesson please contact Scott prior to paying. Tailored to student skill and interest. Additional students may join at discretion of initial student for $499.

ONE DAY – $299: Fast Paced overview of essential knowledge and practical experience of engraving fundamentals. Private instruction available Click here for Sign-up Information!

THREE DAY – $4500: Private class and Starter kit included: E3 Engraving Machine, E3 Hand piece, 5-inch ball vise, 3-gravers, 2- Gallon silent air compressor. Available for grants or student tax benefits, please see your tax professional or educational institution for information. (E3 is cannot give any advise or guidance how to obtain your personal grant, tax benefits, or funds). 

Certified e3 engraving machine – $550 free shipping

Shipping to 48 States or Local pick up available in Las Vegas.

This machine was made for Heavy Metal Engraving, it can perform under micro circumstances but there are superior machines made by GRS and Lindsay that are specifically made for jewelry and micro engraving. This Machine is specifically made for E3, including the upgraded hand piece included with machine.

Now available for purchase in our Shop

*Prior to machine purchase, please purchase or learn how to sharpen “gravers”. Purchasing the machine before obtaining gravers will be detrimental to your experience. We have some pre-sharpened located in our shop



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