Air Compressor to Engraving Machine set-up diagrams

This is a quick reference for users to set up their Silent Air Compressor to E3 Engraving Machine.

From the Air Compressor regulate outgoing air to approx. 85 PSI. If no regulator purchase a moisture trap with air pressure regulator (see below picture) When using the Engraving machine PSI should be set to users handpiece hitting strength preference, usually 15-35 PSI.

When switching to the Chicago Pneumatic Scribe it is recommended to use 65-90 PSI depending on the metal and how deep the shading preference.

Recommended E3 Engraving Set-Up #1

The Blue lines represent air lines. The external moisture trap is essential for the longevity of your machine, also it helps to keep the handpieces working properly, as you should never let moisture enter the handpiece. Oil is recommended but never moisture. The Scribe Pen (Chicago Pneumatic 9160 is recommended) as shown, is connected to the front of the Engraving Machine, this is to utilize the extra moisture trap located on the rear of the engraving machine. At the minimum your set up should have 2 moisture traps before air can enter machine. The Scribe pen should be oiled before every use (couple drops is all that is needed).

Recommended E3 Engraving Set-Up #2

Set Up #2 is convenient for the user that plans to use the scribe pen/rotary more than the engraving handpieces. In this set up the machine does not need to be on to operate the scribe pen and the machine can be located out of the way.

Recommended E3 Engraving Scribe Pen Set-Up

This set up is for those users who want the scribe pen to be separately operated or those only planning to use the scribe for engraving and not gravers.

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