E3 Pneumatic Engraving Machine and Handpiece set up

This is a quick guide showing the basic set up for the pneumatic engraving machine. This is the same instruction included with Certified E3 Engraving machines and can also be used for the Amazon pneumatic engraving “Graver Helper” machines. Fittings mentioned in instruction are included with E3 Engraving Machines or otherwise can be purchased through Amazon and local hardware stores.  

First and Only BBB Accredited Heavy Metal Engraving School in the nation

Proud to announce we have finally passed all requirements to become an Accredited Heavy Metal Engraving School. It was a goal not only to promote our services and brand, but to reassure our customers, clients, and students that our promise to deliver honesty and integrity will be kept. Thank you for all the support and business, it is a pleasure to continue… Read More »First and Only BBB Accredited Heavy Metal Engraving School in the nation

Engrave Chrome

Engraving into Chrome can be summeraized into three parts. Part is Chrome, Chrome needs to be stripped off. Either chemically or manually sanded Bare metal is polished with the intent to level out any dips in the metal Metal is then ENGRAVED Engraved part is sent to Chrome If done properly, there should be a slight polish, removing minimal metal, but eliminating… Read More »Engrave Chrome

Air Compressor to Engraving Machine set-up diagrams

This is a quick reference for users to set up their Silent Air Compressor to E3 Engraving Machine. From the Air Compressor regulate outgoing air to approx. 85 PSI. If no regulator purchase a moisture trap with air pressure regulator (see below picture) When using the Engraving machine PSI should be set to users handpiece hitting strength preference, usually 15-35 PSI. When… Read More »Air Compressor to Engraving Machine set-up diagrams


It’s important to note, E3 does not own or is affiliated with any of the Amazon sellers. They are independent sellers which whom E3 has identified as secure and price worthy. E3 sells the engraving machine because demand from students warranted it. E3 does recommend students purchase from Amazon as the return policy can be linked to their account and returns can… Read More »Why AMAZON?

Heavy Metal Engraving 101 course

101 course information Introduction         Hello and thank you for your interest in E3 Engraving’s Heavy Metal Engraving course located on the southwest side of Las Vegas, Nevada. Scheduled class times are from 10am – 3:30pm. Refreshments and restrooms are provided, as well as drop off/pick up from your hotel. Class info The class is an introductory 2-day session where you will… Read More »Heavy Metal Engraving 101 course