Engrave Chrome

Engraving into Chrome can be summeraized into three parts.

  1. Part is Chrome, Chrome needs to be stripped off. Either chemically or manually sanded
  2. Bare metal is polished with the intent to level out any dips in the metal
  3. Metal is then ENGRAVED
  4. Engraved part is sent to Chrome
  5. If done properly, there should be a slight polish, removing minimal metal, but eliminating scratches
  6. Chrome is then applied.

Triple dip vs. Single dip

Chrome which is considered triple dip is first dipped in nickel, then copper, and finally chrome. The three step process ensures longevity and the best shine possible as each metal bonds extremely well together. Expect triple dip to last years and withstand harsh environments. This is the true definition of a “triple dipped chrome”, which many believe is three dips in chrome, this is false.

Chrome which is single dipped is simply that, metal that has been chemically or manually cleaned and dipped in chrome. The chrome doesn’t adhere to the metal as well as the triple dip and the final product is not as durable. Aesthetically the chrome will look good and upon first glance many may not be able to tell the difference. It’s the longevity and durability that sets the two processes apart.

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