Introduction to Engraving – what you can expect

The class is from 10am – 4pm, 2 days of very in depth and detailed engraving instruction. E3 advises students to get a healthy breakfast, stay away from doing the “Vegas thing”, and get a good night sleep prior to both days, as there is significant amount of information and hands-on knowledge to absorb. I will remind out-of-town students again, stay away from the “Vegas thing” until Sunday night, lol.

During your two day instruction E3 will teach a variety of subjects related to engraving. Engraving vocabulary, proper engraving technique, personal engraving set-up, and all the features which make a small work space workable are just a few of the pertinent subjects covered. . Learn with hands-on experience the 5 most popular graver types: Square, Fine, Round, Chisel, and E3’s very own wide V-Shape diamond cut. Students will learn both GRS and Lyndsay machines and their different mechanics. Students will have the choice of first hand experience with both machines. Various hand pieces are experienced, which for soft, medium, hard metals, also hammer and jewelry handpieces. We will review rotaries and scribe pens, both electronic and pneumatic. Students will have experience creating rope edges as well as diamond cut edging. Students will be shown how to draw and practice creating scrolls, even with no artistic experience, we will show you how to progress your drawing skill. Learn to engrave; lines, leaves, scrolls, circles, shapes, small and large images and how to utilize the engraver ball vise and it’s importance for true detailed engraving cuts. Every student has their own machine, desk, engraver ball vise, handpiece, and set-up. E3 will show the secrets to cutting into hard metals such as stainless steel, hardened steel, cast iron, powder coat, aluminum, etc. Cost and time wasted can be detrimental to engravers, learn the secrets to staying efficient and profitable. Students will learn how to sharpen their own gravers, how to reshape, and the secrets how to keep them sharp for longer periods of time. Students also take home their own diamond and ceramic block included with the class, this is used to re-sharpen chipped gravers, and most importantly used for the final polish of your graver. Also included with class is a Sharpened GRS graver, sharpened in class for students to keep. Basically after the class and student purchases machine and air compressor and they are engraving immediately. We review the steps to engrave chrome, ionized, and raw metals, and how also how to polish metals to a chrome finish yourself. We review firearms, automotive parts, jewelry items, glass, motorcycle parts, and lowrider parts.

Due to Covid awareness, classes are limited seating with each student 6 feet apart.

This is just a quick summary. There is much more to learn, but for the introduction class, this is more than enough for anyone to start their journey. Also, I’m happy to keep mentoring students after they finish the class. Please forward any questions.

Thank you,

Scott Morisato

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